Henna Ritual

...is a special individualised treatment, that will nourish not only your skin, but also your senses and your spirit.

   First we will discuss your aspirations, so that I can choose the ingredients needed for Your henna paste and then mix it with exact purpose and certain mindset. Then we will start the process of sacred body decoration with special meditation that will allow us to tune into the right vibe and harmonise the space, where the ritual will take place. In the closing phase we will analyse the symbols and their meaning for you personally.

  If you are about to take a big step in your life or having hard times - henna ritual can give you strength and be a gentle reminder of your goal, your power and your ability to overcome obstacles and grow with it. 

   Maybe you want to support your dream or intention; or it is your birthday! and you want to make this day spectacular, infused with the charm of henna.

   Menarche, belly blessing or any other initiation, marking entrance into a new phase of your life could be a great reason for getting henna ritual... <3