Celebrate the beauty and cherish your body

with My Mehndi - Prague.

Tamara Sofia Shmidt is Mehndi artist & designer.


Mehndi (mehendi, henna, hina etc.) - is an ancient art of skin decoration with henna paste.

/I'm using home made bio henna paste/ premium high quality henna cones that provide a brown stain only and Jagua gel that leaves black stain and is also completely safe natural product/


   The art of mehndi came into my life almost 10 years ago. It all started with pen pictures I draw on my friends' hands:) and then I discovered henna!

   Since then I've learned a lot about how manifold, moving, magical and indeed transformative could be this art and see it as my path. I'm working in all kind of different styles, so we will always adjust the pattern/design, find what style fits you best and makes you feel the way you need/want to: more beautiful or maybe strong, centred, balanced or focused on your intention...


   My main focus now is HENNA RITUALS (for more information see HERE).

   I'm fascinated by the sacred language of symbols and of course simply by the beauty of patterns created with henna. You will love how different, elegant and fine you feel with henna design on your skin!


   You may also order my HENNA WORKSHOP or master class (workshop: 6 hours; master class: 3 hours). For an individual or a group.* (for more information see HERE).

* Czech republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland...I'd be happy to visit you in any city in central Europe.


   If you're looking for some interesting present for your beloved - MEHNDI VOUCHER will be a beautiful and original gift. 


  Also mehndi can make your WEDDING unforgettable and truly charming. You can get the body decoration for yourself or as the present/entertainment for your guests.


  Mehndi can as well be a great option for your CORPORATE/team-building event.

Let the magic of Henna enter your life!